Point of the Bluff Pavilion (Hammondsport, NY)

2024 Concerts Tech

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  • Full stage dimensions: 96×24
  • Monitor world footprint (SL): 12×8
  • Guitar world footprint (SR): 12×8
  • (2) 8x8x1 risers with skirting available upon request
  • FOH footprint: 16×8
  • Distance from FOH to stage: approx. 50’

*note: if you are bringing your own snake,we require 300’ of length due to patron access / safety


Our venue is powered by a large 2 phase house system designed by our electrician.

Our stage and all equipment pertaining to the stage is powered by a Wanco WSP125 208V 3-phase generator. Each leg provides 200A of dedicated service.

Dedicated custom-built rack-mounted Whirlwind power distro with pass-thru


Midas M32 Digital Mixer (FOH)

Midas M32 Digital Mixer (Monitor World)

Midas DL32 Digital Stage Box

Midas M32C Digital Rack Mixer


(8) RCF TTL 33 (2500W with 2×8” woofers, 3×1” drivers, and 8” midrange; 4 flown from DS truss SL and SR)

(4) RCF TTS 36 (2x2000W with 2×18” woofers and 4.5” v.c. below line array on SL and SR)

(6) RCF HDL 6-A Front Fills


(8) Yorkville TX2M Wedges 700W 15” / 2” (w/ Lab Gruppen Digital Amp Rack)

(2) JBL Eon 618S 18” Subs

(4) JBL Eon 615 15” Powered Speakers

(in advance only on a per show basis)

16’x9’ Absen XC3

Ground stacked


(4) Telefunken M80

(4) Shure Beta 98

(4) Sennheiser e906

(4) Sennheiser 904

(8) Shure SM57

(8) Shure SM58

(4) Shure Beta58

(8) Shure SM81

(2) Shure SM58S

(2) KSM 32

(1) AKG D112

(2) Shure Beta52

(2) Audix D6

(2) Shure Beta 91

(2) Telefunken Stereo Passive DI

(6) Radial Pro D2 Passive DI

(2) Radial Pro48 Active DI


250′ 48ch XLR stage box w/ a 50′ CBI split to monitor world, transformers and ground lifts on all channels.

In addition, we have an Elco wired snake and stage box with dedicated 30 XLR returns (both units are already flown from FOH to SL).

(2) 300‘ Whirlwind Cat5e 4ch etherCON (already flown from FOH to SL)

(6) W1 Sub Snakes: (2) 100’, (2) 75’, and (2) 50’

(3) 8 Input Whirlwind Stage Sub Snake

(1) 12 Input Whirlwind Stage Sub Snake

(12) quad boxes

Whirlwind and Mogami XLR, Instrument and Speaker Cabling


*note: follow spots are not possible inside our tent due to design and seating limitations.
*note: THE ABOVE PLOT IS OUTDATED. Revised plot will reflect the following changes:

(8) Chauvet Rogue R2X Spot LED; top hung on T-Bars on US truss (18ch)

(24) Chauvet Rogue R2 Moving Wash LED (33ch)

(2) Elation Cuepix Blinder WW2 LED

(1) Master FX Mystic Hazer

Obsidian NX1 Lighting Controller with keypad and monitor


(15) K&M short tripod boom

(12) K&M tall tripod boom

(5) K&M kick mic

(4) straights + bases

(6) drum clips

(8) Cab Grabbers (including (2) XL)

(2) Z bars

(6) Music Stand w/ Music Stand Lights

(8) Hercules Guitar Stand

(1) Guitar Boat (6)


(9) Whirlwind Powercon Edison Quad

(6) barstools with wooden flat tops and optional cushions

(6) sandbags

(4) Lasko stage fans

Additional/spare HDMI, SDI, DMX, and Ethernet cables, jumpers, and adapters

Plenty of adapters, tools, strings, cables, consumables and forgettables