Concerts at Point of the Bluff is proud to feature local and regional artists on our main stage. We are not just music lovers – many of us are fixtures of our local musical communities: we are instrumentalists, performers, engineers, stagehands, and promoters who live and work and create within this vibrant landscape we call home. We are passionate not only about producing a world-class concert experience, but in doing our part to support the next generation of artists.

It is in this spirit that we are excited to solicit inquiries from local and regional musicians for support of our international touring artists for the 2024 Concerts at Point of the Bluff Season.

If you are a solo or duo artist that writes and performs their own original music, please complete this online submission form. A member of our team will contact you. Please note that incomplete submissions or submissions via direct message or email will not be considered.

Thank you for helping to make this season our best yet!

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*Both YouTube links should be professional in quality: these videos may be submitted to artist teams for approval. Please, no hand-held cell phone videos in noisy bars or dark stages: we should be able to clearly hear and appreciate your work.